Thursday, 22 December 2011

Not So Independent Television

So last time we talked about bullying and censorship and other such cheerful things.  It's been a while since then and I have not had much time to get any real writing done, since I've had the Holidays and other things to deal with.  I did start working on a story idea that came to me on the bus (I tend to get my best ideas when spaced out while traveling) and I seem to be getting more and more mileage out of it each time I do a little digging.  Stephen King was right, the stories are there, buried in the sediment, and we writers are merely brushing away as much dust as we can to reveal what we can of the skeleton.

Anyway, a quick note before I go back to the trenches of the war between the Stormcloaks and the Tamriel Empire: there are a lot of cowards and reactionary twits in the media.

Happy hijacked-pagan-festival-of-your-choice.  Here it is, your moment of zen:

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