Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Underworld: Available Now on Smashwords

This took me a while to get up because the Smashwords site kept having odd glitches that prevented me uploading (or even accessing the site at all, for a time).  Then they ran out of ISBNs, and I must admit I was starting to become concerned Smashwords was in trouble.  I've seen a few sites and services start to go down that way - a few glitches here and there, maintenance not being done, running out of stock or space, then boom, like the promises to yourself that you're going to stick to a schedule and really read all your textbooks at school this year... it's gone.

Fortunately my concerns were likely just me being a paranoid cynic who thinks everything is going to die someday (it is, you know!) and it might as well be now.  Now things seem to be ticking fine at Smashwords, and I'll not bother you with more rambling and instead bother you with an advertisement:

Available now, UnderWorld is a cross-generational fantasy novel set in a dystopian steam-punk universe where the oppressed population are kept underground after the surface was spoiled by war with magical weapons capable of destroying entire cities in an instant.

Here's the blurb.  Think of it as today's moment of zen:

It was war, and that made it all right. A servant girl is caught at ground zero of the Great Calamity, sparking a war that forces the inhabitants of a fractured world together underground in dreary subsistence. But her survival comes with a gift, and a curse, passed on to her bitter, cynical daughter who wants nothing more than to break free of the UnderWorld, and she's bringing down the house.

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