Tuesday, 15 January 2013

The Story Continues

Exciting news - I have another couple of guest appearances coming up in a few weeks, where I will be popping up on other blogs.  Keep an eye out for my entries over at Savvy Authors and Romance Lives Forever, and enjoy what their other contributors have to offer.

But first, here's part two of the episodic steam punk political police procedural (deep breath) action thriller serial I'm working on: Portman Island Counter Terrorism.


  1. You post at Unreasonable Faith as JohnMWhite, right? I just wanted to say thanks, I really appreciate the comments you made on "The difference between Atheists and Christians" thread.

    Kes (kessy_athena at yahoo.com)

  2. You're very welcome. While I may not necessarily agree with some of your conclusions, it's a shame to see that disagreement quickly turns to disparagement. Some of what you said may have been inartful but it seemed like some people were looking for a reason to argue with you, since you now advertised your unusual idea to the community. To be honest, I've probably fallen into that trap myself on occasion, but monolithic orthodoxy is something I've noticed creeping over several of my favourite haunts lately, and with it the typical entrenchment of 'sides'. Look at the mess elevatorgate caused. Nuanced discourse was discarded for the free thought equivalent of Team Edward vs Team Jacob.

  3. Well, hey, it'd be boring if we agreed about everything, don't you think? I walked in to UF expecting a certain amount of pushback along those lines, I've always been open about the fact that I'm a pagan, not an atheist. For some reason the Bigfoot thread really seemed to set a few people off, I'm not really sure why. I was taken a little off guard by the sudden increase in volume, and I'm disappointed to see some people I otherwise like and respect suddenly squirming to get away from the logic of the argument.

    As for being inartful, if you feel inclined to give me some constructive criticism, please do so. I'm kind of out of practice of talking to people irl, and people on the internet almost never give you any sort of feedback.